Continuación del debate sobre la Ofensiva israelí contra Gaza


  • Colonos israelíes: Un grupo de israelíes contrarios a la evacuación de Gaza y policías israelíes hoy jueves 4 de agosto al amanecer a las afueras de la ciudad del sur israelí de Ofakim. Una barrera de 15.000 agentes policiales y de soldados desarmados impidió en la madrugada de hoy una marcha de los opositores hacia los asentamientos judíos en Gaza. Los manifestantes se dirigían a la Franja de Gaza para apoyar a los colonos de los asentamientos de Gush Katif. La imagen es de 2005. Pavel Wolberg.


Esta respuesta, llegada el 5 de enero también desde París, de parte de una representante de la importante editorial Gallimard, me pareció muy acertada. Está en inglés, no la traduzco pues creo que hoy todos sabemos idiomas… o deberíamos saber más de uno.

Moshe, you say “it’s been this way for 7 years and tens of thousands of rockets”, but maybe it’s been this way for 40 years, and maybe to reach a cease-fire one needs to reach the roots of the fire… Surely this heart-breaking reciprocal violence will last as long as the Palestinians don’t have their own, free (and settler-free) country. There are nearly a half-million Government-subsidized Jewish-Israelis settled in the West-Bank, they -more than the army- are the real “occupiers” of a land which not a single member of the United Nations recognizes as theirs – even if most Israelis still insist on calling this land Judea-Samaria… which surely isn’t the best way of dialoguing with the Palestinians ! As long as these settlers are backed up by the Israeli Government – and therefore by the Israelis who elected it – to impose their unwanted presence on a land which is not theirs, Palestinians will rightly feel they have no free country. And the escalation of mutual violence and mutual autism will remain. Israelis should be pro-Palestinian not for love of Palestinians but for love of Israel – because Israel can only survive (and must survive) thanks to the creation of an independent Palestinian state which the entire international community is desperately longing for. The negation by Israelis of this reality nurtures the negation of Israel by so many Muslim states, of whom many could be convinced differently if their Palestinian brothers were not locked up behind a wall instead of being truly free, within their own independent and recognized borders. Israel is a magnificent country with magnificent and brave people, it should develop and live in peace… within its 1967 borders. Too many of my Israeli friends shrug off this issue of 1967 borders as “not the main issue”… but it is. The main issue is for Palestinians to have their own free state and not be under Israeli occupation. Bring back home the 500,000 settlers to Israel, instead of encouraging them to go there by offering them cheap housing, and let the Palestinians have their own free country from the 1967 “Green Line” to the Jordan River. That would be a good start. Peace to all.

Firmado: A.S.N., París.


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