LA IDENTIDAD ES PATOLOGÍA: ROBERT ANTONI en conversación con Lawrence Scott

Robert Antoni. Photo: María José Furió

Robert Antoni, by Lawrence Scott
Issue 91 Spring 2005

Una respuesta creativa, lúcida, al problema de las identidades nacionales es la que ofrece esta conversación entre el escritor Robert Antoni (nacido en Trinidad, criado en Estados Unidos) con Lawrence Scott y que recogió la revista BOMBSITE hace tres años.
Me gusta especialmente es aspecto nada higienista de su postura, algo que echo naturalmente de menos aquí en España.

“Robert Antoni and I are talking to each other because Trinidad is our home; its literature is our literature. His new novel, Carnival, is about “home.” Where is our home? His characters are pulled between the metropoles of New York, London, Nice and “the island,” a fictionalized Trinidad, where they return to perform the liturgy of Carnival, the rituals of homing. They return with the hope of finding home in the “Car . . . nee . . . val” and in the interior of the island, the tropical rainforest. This pilgrimage is not simple. Their desire for the pure and the idealized eludes them as they find and lose each other over and over in the flux and complications of race and sexuality. There are love stories here, brutally undermined by the complications of the past, ironized through humor and pathos.

Robert and I met once in London and talked tentatively and briefly. But we have met more importantly in the books that we have written. Divina Trace, his first novel, mesmerized the literary world when it was published in 1992, winning the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book; it is a veritable laboratory for the alchemy he works in his experimentation with Caribbean Creole. Blessed Is the Fruit and My Grandmother’s Erotic Folktales followed, exploring the same territory of the island, the reconstructions of family and the past, continuing Antoni’s interest in pathology and identity. “Pathology is identity,” he says in conversation, on the phone from Barcelona to me in London.”

Sigan aquí la conversación :



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